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Doctor Wael Badr

Orthopaedic Consultant

Our clinic specializes in treating bone, joint, and muscle issues while focusing on your safety and comfort through postoperative care protocols and conservative treatments for pain. 

We have established an online medical blog that provides crucial information on bone, joint, and muscle safety and clarifies the treatment options available at our center.

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Second Opinion Service

Get a precise diagnosis with our second medical opinion service. We provide accurate and professional opinions to confirm your diagnosis. This service can help exclude past misdiagnoses, document the need for surgery, and reduce overall medical costs.

Remote Consultations

Simplify your healthcare with our remote consultation service, designed for patients who live far away or have physical disabilities or family obligations that prevent them from visiting our clinic.

Medical Tests

Skip the lab visit with our convenient sampling and examination services. We collect samples from patients at our center and deliver the results directly to them.

Electronic Health Records

Our center offers a convenient digital health records service that saves patients time and preserves a complete register of their medical history since their first visit. Patients can easily access their records whenever they want, ensuring they have a comprehensive overview of their medical care.

Radiology Services

We offer radiography services at our center to help diagnose bone and joint issues. Our specialized doctors perform this service to ensure patients’ comfort during the diagnosis.

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Madinet Nasr Branch

No. 15 Ibrahim Abu Al-Naja Street, Abbas Al-Akkad Street Extension, Nasr City, on the 7th floor, across from Enppi Company.

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Al-Tesein Al-Shamaly Street, Medical Park Premiere, Clinic number 326.

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